FFWD the 90’s

25 Sep

If you patiently watch the Indie chart above you will be rewarded with videos from  …… Well, you’ll have to agonizingly sit through it to see.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away were the 1990’s. Digging around and researching for new music back then was different, without the gift of internet we had to find pathways the old way such as your local tiny record shop & listening to the radio legend DJ John Peel whilst reading the NME, or once a week  the TV, with programmes such as ‘Snub TV’, ‘Rapido’ or the ‘ITV Chart Show’.

 My friends &  I would religiously every third week catch the Indie Chart on the ‘ITV Chart Show’, as the top 10 indie countdown would show the position of each band, we’d catch the first few seconds of a video we would happily die to see, then it would FFWD to the next, all the time begging at the TV to RWD back to your fave vid. The desperation to see the whole music video was just too much for a teenager.  Thankfully today there are  Music Blogs…………………& no more TV begging.

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