Bon Iver / Greenman ’09

7 Nov

I came by the Partly Porpoise Music Blog yesterday. Mr. Porpoise had made a list selecting the best live gigs he had witnessed in 2009. One gig he chose stood out to me & that was Bon Iver at Greenman ’09. A special time for my wife & I, we chose Greenman Festival as our Honeymoon destination.  A dreamy weekend moving from stage to stage watching great music from the likes of  Grizzly Bear / Wooden Shjips / The Strange Boys & Amorphous Androgynous who i’m sure were mimimg most of the set. I had my eye on the guy playing  flute & i could hear the flute being played but he was messing around with the guy on the sitar. It didnt really matter, the vibe was more of a Freak-out Happening from the late 60’s rather than a straight set.

We missed this years ’10 Greenman, tickets sold out earlier than expected & the early bird tickets for ’11 have already gone.

Anyhow Partly Porpoise had made a recording of Bon Iver’s set on that August evening & has been kindly enough to share by making it downloadable from his page. Thanks Mr.Porpoise!

The Photograph of Bon Iver at Greenman ’09 was taken by Leah Pritchard.

2 Responses to “Bon Iver / Greenman ’09”

  1. partlyporpoise November 7, 2010 at 3:49 pm #

    Cheers mate! I’m sure I’ve got a video of Amorphous Androgynous from that set. If you’re interested, I’ll dig it out. They were kinds fun, not to be taken too seriously – never noticed that about the flautist, though.
    I’ve added your site to my link list, if you felt inclined to add me to yours it would be most appreciated…
    Shame you missed GM’10 but it was probably not quite as great as ’09.
    Maybe see you at GM ’11?

    • ArthManual November 7, 2010 at 6:09 pm #

      HoHo! Yeah go on, dig it out if you can, it’s worth watching. Thanks for adding me to your link list, your the first to do that. Hell yeah i’ll add you to mine. I will be trying my hardest to get Greenman ’11 tickets, i heard today that the early bird tickets were sold out within hours. But yeah we could possibly meet there.

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