Post T.V ~ LO-FI for the Eyes

29 Nov

Got excited about this i read on Olde English Spelling Bee site. Post T.V ~ LO-FI for the Eyes was showed at Rome International film Festival. A cluster of artists showing their video art.

Vid by Luke Wyatt~Autre Ne Veut~Soldier

“During the last couple of years a new generation of artists spread around Europe and the USA have coined a new visual language never heard of before. It represents a reflection of the past and a manipulation on the concept of memory by meditating on an Era throughout totemic-mysterious aspects (on the two decades, 80’s and 90’s in the way that these become filtered from a more dreamy rather than realistic memory) perceived as an origin and principle of today’s informational society.
Together they form one of the most vital and influential networks of all times: from their pockets came out records, unconventional video clips, artworks that were instructive to others and video art experiments full of absurdities. The english critic David Keenan, wrote on the the magazine The Wire about some of this work and called it “hypnagogic pop”, as on the web, the webzine Pitchfork replied speaking of “glow-fi”, a term which blends the concept of low fidelity ( lo-fi) and the visual feel of glow (soft light, fluorescent, twilight).”

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