5 Jan

Welsh Psychedelia from illuminati sceptics Jen jeniro, released last summer on cassette format for £3.00, Contains the lead track Dolphin Pinc a Melyn {pink & yellow dolphin} and a Llwybr Llaethog remix of their most popular tune to date, Hulusi. Available at Welsh music on-line store Sadwrn . The reason that i’m only blogging it now is because, my Cassette to MP3 converter arrived at my door today, and Jen jeniro was first on my list to try out.

The image above was made by me {Arth}, as Jen Jeniro asked for me to do so, but they didnt use this, I dont think the invisible dolphin idea washed with them so they made their own version using this as a template, but i love em all the same. They told me the song is based on the book ‘The Illuminatus!: Trilogy by Robert Shea & Robert Anton Wilson, “there are talking dolphins ‘all seeying eye’/pyramid stuff in it! it’s all about the illuminati conspiracy – there’s a bit where they get on this secret ‘giant yellow submarine’ and go to find atlantis”.

Find the Jen jeniro album ‘Geleniaeth’ to buy on HERE . Album Art done by me!

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