25 Jan

Thanks to Partly Porpoise , his coverage of Nu-Folkist Huw M & his Welsh language album Os Mewn Swn {If in Sound}, got me to reach for my copy & give it another listen. Os Mewn Swn is low-key folk packed with melody. Huw M has been compared to the likes of other Welsh alternative pioneers such as Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci & Super Furry Animals, but i like to consider him to be the Welsh Sufjan Stevens.

                                       ……….And how could i not mention the album cover above, Wow!… “The album ‘Os Mewn Swn’ was nominated in the Best CD Cover category of ‘Y Selar’ Welsh music magazine, thanks to the artistic genius of !!Arth!!” – Yes that’s me! I made the album cover when Huw M approached me after he bought one of my works that i was showing at a gallery in Cardiff, I had lots of fun drawing this cover, Huw had trust in my vision & gave me total freedom. The cover i drew is now mounted & is hanging on Huw’s wall at his home.

Ond Yn Dawel Daw y Dydd {But Quietly Comes The Day}

Huw M has this free 5 track Christmas album Yn Ddistaw ddistaw fach {Quietly Quietly} available for you over on bandcamp, get it ready for xmas kidz!

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