Come Springuppance

20 Feb

Spring is slowly coming, i feel it in my bones. i had the taste for putting a compilation together, then i thought i’d share it so i’m popping my mediafire cherry,  you can download the tracks individually HERE . Please if you can, arrange the tracklisting to the order as followed, you’ll find the CD will flow nicely. Enjoy!


  1. GRACE POOL ~ When I See You Walking In The Cold
  2. YELLOW OSTRICH ~ In The Past I Was An Astronaut
  3. HURT VALLEY ~ I’m An Avalanche
  4. PILL WONDER ~ Gone To The Market
  5. GUARDS ~ Born Free
  6. PARA SIEMPRE ~ All I Ever Wanted
  7. ROYAL HIDEOUTS ~ Deaf Sister
  8. LUKE CHRISINGER ~Absolute One
  10. DREAM COP ~ Marooned
  11. MICKEY BROWN ~ Never Cry
  12. TIGER STRIPE ~ Life After Death
  13. SMITH WESTERNS ~ Weekend
  14. STELLAR DOOR ~ Wake Up
  15. CLOUDY BUSEY ~ Pound Your Town To Hell
  16. ENJOY SUN ~ Bedtime As Needed For
  17. CAT’S EYES ~ Not A Friend
  18. THE LIBERTY BELLES ~ Western Wood
  19. KITE ~ She’s Gotta Have Booty
  20. LOW SEA ~ Sweet Jane
  21. PC WORSHIP ~ Toxic Love
  22. RYAN TROTT ~ Spirit Home
  23. SHARK CARTILAGE ~ Sunsets Poem
  24. CEDAR POWER ~ Me & My Friends

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