18 Apr

A yoke is a wooden beam which is used between a pair of oxen to allow them to pull a load (oxen almost always work in pairs). It can be used to help plow fields. There are several types, used in different cultures, and for different types of oxen. A pair of oxen is also called a yoke of oxen, and yoke is also used as a verb: “to yoke a pair of oxen”.

All the time i was watching Yoke the synth on synth Kraut-Drone side project of Cate le Bon & Meilyr from Race horses, I was thinking of them in the term of Yolk (egg yolk), which i think is loads cooler than Yoke.

 After years of chatting about it they finally embarked on a musical collaboration. Over German Ale they deliberated intently over what they should call the project. Stuck on the name Perm, they fell into the company of an italian clown who was in town to catch a Reggae Musical. He fortunately scoffed at their chosen title and instead crowned them Yoke
Yoke, presently are yet to step into a recording studio to lay down the tracks they played at their first show at Laugharne festival.  As an after thought I wish i had filmed a track or two on my iPhone. “There’s Golden Kraut Drone Dust up in them there hills, i tell you!”

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