STACEY ADAMS ~ Soft Grunge

26 Aug

I love the smell of squishy plasticine, but the sound of squishy plasticine? Is just not that great. Now let’s try Soft Grunge? I love the sound of Soft Grunge & the smell of Soft Grunge? Urrm, Keep at arm’s length & we should be fine :S

I had written a little piece on AndTheGhostSaid quite some time ago. This week the very same Tom of AndTheGhostSaid, dropped me a little e.mail, declaring his laid back excitement that he has a new band & a new EP.

From listening to the skeletal tones of AndTheGhostSaid solo work, i knew with a band behind him this would be well worth a listen. The Toronto based trio named Stacey Adams have snapped open the bones of AndTheGhostSaid & gummed their gums over the Soft gooey Grunge marrow centre.  Effortlessly in the proceedings creating these slacker post-anthems that is the Soft Grunge EP.

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