Sen Segur – Nofa Scosia / Sarah

19 Jan

Huw Stephens chats with George of Sen Segur

Huw Stephens spoke over the phone to George of Sen Segur on Monday the 16th of January, on his BBC C2 radio programme. They spoke of working with Mr.Huw, the sad end of the wonderful Jen Jeniro & of course mainly spoke of the new Sen Segur double single Nofa Scosia/Sarah released on I Ka Ching Records on cassette format with MP3 download codes included.

I did the Art work & design for the cassette single. I drew inspiration for the art from looking at native canadian indian seasonal moon rock carvings found in Nova Scotia. George told me that Nofa Scosia was a protest song about the destruction of Tryweryn Valley & it’s empathy towards the Native Canadian Indian Community who suffered under modern development. I somehow tapped into their pre-historic rock carvings that got lost by the trashing of bulldozers over their sacred ground. Also there’s a juicy story of an Indian curse that was set on the development of a bridge.

They are having a free entry single launch night on Friday January 20th details of gig found HERE. You can buy the single at the gigs or HERE

Sen Segur~Sarah

Sen Segur~Nofa Scosia

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