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Violas / R. Seiliog / Laurence Made Me Cry / Gig 17/04/13

25 Feb

Buffalo Violas poster

Balderdash & myself  have got together once again to put on a smart ….. & i mean it’s a smart line up. Playing at Buffalo Bar, Cardiff on the 17. 04. 2013.

We have the pleasure of bringing to you, playing their first gig of 2013, our good friends, the ethereal Violas. Cardiff dream pop who turned heads last summer when they released their matured ‘NOS  SOMNIA’ E.P, with their brooding layers reverberating neatly, they shimmer to gorgeous effect.

 R. Seiliog. Put simply his music drones & loops, elevated with cheeky little melodic jaunts & pops. Having spent much of 2010-12 recording & touring with H.Hawkline, Cate Le bon, Gruff Rhys & Euros Childs; R. Seiliog’s debut EP ‘Shuffles’ saw him prepare the world for his interwoven frayed, melodic threads of krautrock, psych & experimental electronics.

Just around the corner is the release date of the album ‘Diary of me’ by Laurence Made Me Cry on March 11th.  A folk tale entangled with electronic touches & organic sounds, paint a myriad of pictures. Awkward, beautiful & twee. It’s kinship kitchen sink drama with extra depth from a personal perspective.

I’ll be on DJ duties & possibly Balderdash, playing some good trippy vibes

So be there at the door by 7.30pm with your best glazed eyes & tippy tappy shoes if you please.


27 Jun

Trwbador, a duo from Carmarthenshire, South Wales. They say that they write folk songs with electronic leanings, sometimes in English, sometimes in Welsh, sometimes in gibberish and sometimes with no language at all. Nonetheless you can tell from their sounds that they treat their music making as a craft that has a lot of heart. Check out their Soundcloud page for a few downloads.


 They feature on the compilation ‘Owlet Music Vol. 1’  &  their first EP, ‘It Snowed A Lot This Year’ which i available from Owlet Music.

For gig listings and assorted treats go to Trwbador site HERE


14 May

Through a simple Tweet from V&R Tapes i came by 3 Thickly Painted Walls albums to download free. Thickly Painted Walls the one man experimental music project by Stefan F. Walz from New Jersey, is an improvisation where all kinds of folk, avant styles come together and clash in their own very distinct way.

Wichsen Vixen (when downloading, right click & Save Target in under the VBR MP3 column) Butterknife & Disconeck (Hit the Regular Download button after the figure Countdown)

 Butterknife, in his own words: “Originally the concept for “butterknife” was to make anti-climactic rock/pop songs, the idea was inspired by a cut on my hand from a butterknife. This was metaphor for a dullness that is still defined and noticeable. Though the album strayed from concept at some point. – I think this album is primarily about post-relationship feelings.” (Stefan F Walz; Thickly Painted Walls)

Disconeck, in his own words: “On disconeck I used every method of recording that I had used previously, this includes: 4 track, 2-track hi-end tape deck mixing, Garageband editing, digital multi tracking (Fostex), I also even used a VCR to record a part of “Independance Day”, I recorded right onto the VHS tape just using the L and R connections of the RCA connectors.
There is some reappropriations on the album, including some older recording mixed with newer recording, and a sample off some “Opera” tape…

The points raised within Disconeck, were meant to be vast; the old hi-fi vs. lo-fi debate, tests of patience, tolerance, and love are also meant to be endured. Tonality is also a very big issue for me, when people ask why sometimes they cant understand the vocals or why the vocals are low, I tell them because it is just another sound contributing. If I really want people to know what I’m saying I will push them up, like on “oh my god” (which was recorded with 3 tracks I think of overlayed one string acoustic guitar…)

I think the concept of Disconeck was to have many concepts. The ones I’m attempting to explain in this albeit scattered writing. Like another for instance was “go get a job” where all the sounds are made by rubbing the nylon strings of my guitar. Or “america” where the synthetic is set against the “organic”. Or the space sounds of the tale of rape in “midnight cowboy”. The pathos attempt at pop in “Buddha”. And finally ending with a dedication to the listener in “for you”. (S.F.W. – Thickly Painted Walls)