17 May

Released this week, May 15th is  the album Veer by Preslav Literary School. Drone out on Preslav’s tapes, a lost & found archive of violins, ghostly voices, stretched out guitar riffs and industrial soundscapes. Pick up Veer as a free download at Interdisco.

The man behind Preslav is Adam Thomas a producer, curator and writer, originally from the UK and now living in Berlin. I recently asked/tweeted Preslav a question “It’s Fascinating watching how you collage the sound together, you must have to be so clear headed”  he returned to say “Actually, clear head just brings on freaked panic! Trance-like, non-thinking state more conducive to happy collaging “. I cant argue with that! You can also pick up a few Preslav downloads over on his Soundcloud.

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